Our application improves the connection between you and your child's care providers.
Our application helps simplify the tedious tasks of report filing and attendance taking.
Our application helps in easier management and monitoring of staff attendance and payslips.

Benefits of Using BabyBee System

Increase Revenue and Reduce Time and Cost.

    • Parent portal increases effectiveness of communication, speeds up account receivable and saves staff time on administrative tasks
    • Site access for check in/check out to the system results in higher customer satisfaction and increased productivity
    • Real-time access to data enables site monitoring and better decision making. Centralized automated billing lowers time spent on repetitive tasks
    • Complete web-based solution offers flexibility with real-time access to information. Eliminates IT and hardware costs

Our application provides the following services

Teacher Management

Using the teacher management module, directors can manage teacher’s attendance, key employee terms and payslips.

Communicate Service

With BabyBee, there is no need for third party communication services like Whatsapp. Share daily reports, photos, videos, notes and reminders instantly to the parents app throughout the day

Student Management

Schools can easily manage children’s personal information, attendance and daily reports, and feedback to parents about students’ daily activites.

Broadcast Service

School information, schedules, or other important things can easily reach parents and teachers through the broadcast module

Payment Management

With payment module, schools are able to track the payment history of individual students, and automatically compound monthly or ad-hoc fees

Student Time in/Time out

Auto track the arrival of student’s parents through mobile app, and signal the teacher to prepare for student’s check in / check out

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BabyBee is a comprehensive online child care software with automated billing/payment, parent portal, staff/student multiple attendance options. With BabyBee, directors, teachers, parents can manage operations and communicate from a single system.

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