Benefits of Users


    • Receive photos videos, notes by your mobile phone
    • Receive emergency alerts by text message
    • View your children’s daily report using your mobile phone
    • Mark notes in your daily report using your mobile phone
    • View your children’s payment & receipts using your mobile phone
    • Video & IM communicate with teachers or schools using your mobile


    • View own KETS & Payslips
    • View own attendance
    • Share photos, videos, notes to parents throughout the day
    • Record meals, activities, naps, and more in students’ daily reports
    • Take students’ attendance
    • Record the payment of parents


    • Manage classrooms
    • Manage children and their guardians
    • Manage employees and key employment terms (KETs)
    • Manage employees’ payslips with auto CPF calculation
    • Take attendance
    • Send notes and newsletters to parents